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SpECgrout E Series

A range of  epoxy grouts for applications where tolerance of high dynamic loads is required.

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Product Description

SpECgrout E12 and SpECgrout E60, which have been designed for grouting gaps ranging from 0.2mm to 150mm.

SpECgrout E12 should be used to grout and resin inject gaps from 0.2mm to 12mm.

SpECgrout E60 should be used for grouting gaps from 12mm up to 150mm.

SpECgrout E60 TDSDownload
SpECgrout E12 TDSDownload
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E60 ITR 12 Oct 15 - Physical Properties
SpECgrou E60 Test report - ASTM
E60 ITR 12 Jul 10 (Physical Properties)
Method Statement - SpECgrout E60
Method Statement - SpECgrout E12 (horizontal cracks)
Method Statement - SpECgrout E12 (Crack Injection)
Method Statement - SpECgrout E12
SpECgrout E12 base MSDS
SpECgrout E60 hardener MSDS
SpECgrout E60 filler MSDS
SpECgrout E60 base MSDS
SpECgrout E12 hardener MSDS
SpECgrout E60 ITR 30 Aug 07 - Physical Properties

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